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Our successes are unique to each of us.  Whether it's taking her first solo or taking his first step on the practice field, success is the satisfaction we get in knowing we did our best to accomplish our goal.

The OBOE Foundation takes pride in knowing that it's endeavors, no matter how small or large, offers challenges that ultimately present opportunities for it's beneficiaries:  the student musicians and the satisfaction in a job well done.

From meeting with community leaders, to conducting media interviews to securing valuable resources, discussing the values that instrumental music teaches is essential to OBOE's mission.​

Pasadena City College
The Oboe Foundation Scholarships

This year, The Oboe Foundation established The Oboe Foundation Scholarships at Pasadena City College.  The scholarships are awarded to qualifying students in the areas of Jazz Instrumental, Jazz Vocal, Classical Piano, Classical Voice and Musical Composition.  On Monday, April 24th, The Oboe Foundation presented the scholarships, totaling $5,000, at PCC's spring awards event for the music department.  Presenting the scholarships was Oboe Foundation Board Member, Rob Lee.  Lee stated to the attendees, "Our lives with The Oboe Foundation have been enriched and broadened by the gift of music, so we want to give back all that music has given to us and provide every opportunity for music to enrich the lives of a new generation of students."

Pictured in the photo are (left to right):

Brenda Gonzalez, Natalie Levinson, Katrina Manor, Nareh Nersesizad Gerigorian, Briana Perez, Bijon Bruner, Michael Ramirez, Tongxin Zhang, Fabian Peña Perez Negron, Rongyi Yu and Navé Olteca.

PCC Recipients.jpg

Sierra Madre Middle School
Receives $2,500

On 10/26/2022, The Oboe Foundation presented a check for $2,500 to the Sierra Madre Middle School instrumental Music Program.  The music director, Chad Prado, received the check in the auditorium with students, parents and teachers in attendance.  There has been a big commitment by the district to bring instrumental music to its students.  Currently, there are not enough instruments to meet the demand and The Oboe Foundation is doing all it can to help meet the needs of student musicians.  This check will be used to purchase badly needed instruments for the students.

Sierra Madre Middle School.jpeg

Alvin E. Lyles Leadership Award and Scholarship
Presented to Aaron Sharp

Sharp (a).jpeg

Aaron is a talented flute and brass musician and was "Mr. Fix-it" in times of an unexpected instrument repair.  Seeing a need for a tubist, he switched from flute to tuba to help out the low brass section.  A leader in many ways, he was supportive of his fellow musicians both in his knowledge and his support.
Aaron is in his freshman year at Cal Poly, San Luis Obisbo, majoring in engineering and is continuing his music passion playing Tuba at SLO.  We offer our sincerest congratulations and well wishes in Aaron's future endeavors.

The Alvin E. Lyles Leadership Award and Scholarship

John Muir High School instrumental music alumni and many friends of the music program contributed funds to establish this perpetual award and a $500 scholarship to honor the legacy of Mr. Lyles.  He taught so much to so many.  Mr. Lyles passed away in June, 2021and the overwhelming symphony of voices asking for his values to be carried forward to young student musicians resulted in this award and scholarship to be estblished in his memory.

Alvin A. Lyles

John Muir High School Band director 1969 - 1975

Alvin E. Lyles Leadership Award and Scholarship
Presented to Gabriel Tapia Rodriguez

Gabriel is talented alto sax player and Jazz soloist with the JMHS Jazz Band and the John Tirabasso Youth Jazz Band.  Gabriel was the JMHS Drum Major for two years and a respected member of the band.  He certainly exemplified the leadership values that Mr. Lyles shared with us.  Gabriel Graduated in 2021 and now is a freshman at Cal Poly Pomona studying music production.

Muir instrumental music teacher Karen Klages, Oboe Foundation Board Member Dwight Garcia and Alvin A. Lyles Leadership Award recipient Gabriel Tapia Rodriguez

Fundraising efforts lead by The Oboe Foundation raise $4,220 for uniforms at John Muir High School Early College Magnet


The John Tirabasso  Youth Jazz Ensemble Receives $2,000 from the Oboe Foundation

On Sunday, December 16th, The Oboe Foundation presented a check to the John Tirabasso Youth Jazz Ensemble while performing at the Tournament of Roses Member Appreciation Reception.  Brad Ratliff (right), President of the Oboe Foundation presented the check to Sam Estrada, Founder of The John Tirabasso Youth Jazz Ensemble.  The members of the Jazz Ensemble are from John Muir High School, Blair High School, Marshall Fundamental School, Pasadena High School, Washington STEAM and South Pasadena High School.  Also pictured with the Jazz Ensemble are mentors Philip Topping (far left) and Dwight Garcia.


The Oboe Foundation Sponsors 20 Student Musicians for the Arcadia Music and Arts Symposium with a $2,500 Grant


Music education through participation and learning transforms and enriches lives.

 The Arcadia Music and Arts Symposium is dedicated to promoting music teaching and learning through invigorating musical and artistic experiences led by leading artists, musical minds, educators, conductors, composers and performers.  

Through compelling sessions, presentations and discussions, educators and directors grow as they engage in questioning assumptions and current practices to arrive at a more robust and effective music education profession.


We know the power music learning has in developing the lives of our students, communities and our schools.

We desire this symposium to be a catalyst for a renewed and energized community of student musicians and the music teachers who serve and lead them. Through transformation by way of instruction, reflection, and commitment to the greater good we can transform our local context.


Brad addresses the Hamilton County Commissioners discussing the financial support that music programs need to be successful.


While visiting the LAUSD band, KABC asked for Brad's thoughts on the success of the City's music program.


The needs in other countries for musical support are similar to those in the United States.  As Brad conducted this interview, the reporter acknowledged the similarities both in the benefits of instrumental music and in it's outreach.

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